The Chrysler K-Car Club is extremely excited to report that Mrs. Stone is still driving her car, and it is now the sole surviving 1982
Dodge 400 2dr Coupe that we know of in Los Angeles. Four years ago, I visited her to take pictures and try to find her a buyer.  So far, we have not been successful, though I had four people email me about the car, and I gave them the contact. Mrs. Stone, this article is for you. Hang onto this car, it will go up in value. You have the last one in SoCal. This car sat dead for many year, and Mrs. Stone rebuilt the original Mitsubishi 2.6 engine. I have given her an invitation to come to our 2.6 engine workshop on the 17th. She needs a new taillight, and some trim fell off the door, but all in all this car really looks great for 30 years.  Please see links below for more pictures, and what are K-car bashers at Curbside Classic Car Magazine had to say about the car. A reporter from that magazine spotted the car by accident, and I thought for sure it had to be Mrs. Stones’. It was as I was able to verify the taillight, etc.

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